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Software for carding

If you are engaged in virtual carding, then you cannot do without software. Your attention is given a selection of software for carding.


The basis of any anonymity is the ability to work without traffic leaks. Especially when it comes to practicing virtual carding. This opportunity gives Proxifier. With this program you will be able to let traffic through a strict stream without leaks. If your VPN, SSH tunnel or Socks crashes, this program will block all outgoing packets and will not allow you to reveal your real IP address.

By the way, Proxifier has one very important feature. It allows you to take a DNS server directly from your connection. To do this, in the program settings, we must put a check here - "Resolve hostnames through proxy". Now you do not need to substitute DNS manually.


A very simple program to run SSH tunnels. The model for working with it looks like this: we catch the tunnel through changing a regular text file (we enter the tunnel data there), we start the batch file, which redirects our traffic to the proxy. Important! Run the batch file only in conjunction with Proxifier.


The program also allows you to conveniently connect to the tunnels and redirect traffic. It has a nice interface and convenient session logging, where you can find out what is happening with the connection at the moment. Works in conjunction with Proxifier.

Double SSH Tunnel Manager

It can be blocked by antivirus, it is absolutely normal for this program. After downloading, add the main program files to the antivirus exceptions.

DNS Jumper

Can change your DNS a couple of clicks.

Linken Sphere

The universal autonomous combine for work in the darknet. Suitable for virtual carding. Ability to customize tens and hundreds of parameters, up to the most subtle. Recently, the license often faces technical problems on the side of developers, but we hope that this is all only temporary.

Vektor T13 Antidetect

The acclaimed brainchild of one of the main developers of anonymity tools on the Internet. Suitable for working with antifraud systems of the average level and for anonymous surfing. Judging by the reviews, successfully copes with the anti-frauds of famous poker sites, forging almost all the parameters of computer hardware. Holes in anonymity in a free solution, of course, is. This is indicated by the author himself. But this is quite enough for correct work.


Another software for carding. High quality android emulator, which was developed specifically for application testing. As with any emulator, you need to put the basic starter-pack of applications on the android to get started. The program must be patched.


Convenient viewing of graphic files, an abundance of formats. It is possible to view the metadata by pressing the E button. The fact is that if a photo does not have metadata erased, it will be able to show on the Google map exactly where the photo under investigation was taken. Also, if you have a lot of PSD-files under different names and you often need to run a heavy photoshop that uses a lot of RAM (to see what is in the file), this program can solve this problem. It opens PSD files in a couple of seconds like a regular paint (view only) and you no longer need to load photoshop to see what is in your PSD.


The father of all graphics programs. Having learned photoshop, you will save yourself quite a lot of money, which is very important at the start of  virtual carding business. Passport photos, scans, making real documents will no longer be a problem for you. There is only one universal way to learn Photoshop: look for the "photoshop tutorial" in YouTube and simply repeat how people make collages and drawings from scratch.


This VPN have no logging, payment with Bitcoins, a choice of 9 countries.


Program to change the name of the PC, host, processor ID, HDD volume, MAC adress and much more. Also in the program, you can additionally change the regional settings.


The program changes the HTTP headers of popular browsers (Mozilla, IE, Mozilla (old)). The essence of the program: first, if scripts are enabled, then data such as browser version, browser language, user-agent are transmitted; Secondly, if you use the United States Dedicated server \ Socks \ Vpn, then you need to change the settings for IE, since there it is the most popular browser.

Privacy Suite Main Menu

We crypt and hide our container already created by TrueCrypt in jpg, wav files. You can also create a safe. Another indisputable advantage of this software is that it permanently deletes files. You can also crypt on a USB flash drive. We also open the encrypted container without having to reinstall the software.


In my experience, this is the best data encryption software.


New software, you can even say that the key software in this list. The essence of the software is that we use the flooded gates on shells \ hosting \ servers as socks. The meaning of the software for carding is that the incoming and outgoing gate is constantly changing. Use only over vpn / ssh.

O & O SafeErase

A program that should be trusted to permanently delete files. It has many modes of operation.