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How to check CC

How to know if there is enough money on CC to buy. Many have been in a situation that there is not enough money on CC to buy some clothes or electronics. Now I will show you how to know if there is enough money on a card for a purchase in three minutes. At the same time, preauthorization on the card is not used and it is not killed!

Nessesary to use USA IP!
1. Have a valid CC. You can buy it in our CVV Dump shop ss209.net
2. Go to

3. For example, planned purchase worth $ 979 on another site, then type a cart here for about that amount. If you can not find the exact amount, you can specify a little more. The main thing is to know whether enough money on your СС.

4. Add Billing/Shipping from your CC


6. If we receive such a message, then money on the CC is not enough.

7. If we see such a window, there is money on the CC. No need to click "confirm order" it will withdraw money from your CC.

8. Go to the site where we wanted to buy with our valid CC and get a profit!