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How to cashout dump + pin  

In this guide, we decided to share the experience of dumps with pins accumulated in almost 7 years. And so ... how can we withdraw money Dump + PIN and sleep well, what should we be afraid of? And most importantly - how are they going to find us? Respecting our rules and approaches never caught no one of our people.


This is a very good solution, it allows you to legally hide the number of your car, and it does not require any effort. Find pick up truck in the United States is not difficult. There are a lot of this car on the roads of all countries. By US law, the presence of the front number on the car is not required. The police do not pay attention to it. But what about the back number, you ask. In order for the cameras not to see the back number, we open the trunk and drive a car with an open trunk. In this position, the number is visible to drivers and not visible to cameras located around. Thanks to this, we can drive up close to an ATM, which makes it easier for us to work on withdrawing money from dump + pin.

What plastic to use for dumps with pins

We do not recommend using white plastic to work with dump + pin. First, it looks unusual and immediately attracts attention. If police find it among you, they will understand what it is. Secondly, if the card is blocked by an ATM, then the workers taking it from there will give it to the police for examination. What do you think, whose fingerprints will be found on it. It is best to use gift cards, you can take them in the store. For example, VISA or MasterCard. Write dump with pin on this card. It does not attract attention, it will not arouse suspicion in the police. If it is blocked, the workers will think that someone tried to withdraw money from the gift card. Most importantly, they will not send it to the police.


There are several types of ATMs, no more than 10. If you see a small mirror on it or a black square embedded in the panel, then there is a camera there. In one ATM there can be 2 or 3 cameras. The camera turns on when you insert the card into the ATM. You can close the camera if possible. If your face gets into the lens - you should not worry too much. No one will look for the photo. Cameras are primarily used to ensure that cardholders do not cheat banks. Very often cardholders withdraw money and then report to the police that they have been robbed.

Storage of cards with recorded dump + pin

Never take all the cards with you. Leave those that you do not use in the car. According to the laws of the United States, police can search you on the street, or if they just stopped you for minor traffic offenses. But they cannot search for your car. They need a warrant for this, and without a reason no one will issue it, so if you are not wanted, you can refuse to search the car. Before working with a dump + pin, carefully study the local laws.

Communication devices

Modern technologies allow you to track the route of your movement on a mobile phone. Therefore, to work, use a special phone from which you do not make personal calls. The police can make a request about the owners of which numbers were located near the ATM at the time of the withdrawal. Yes, first there will be a lot of numbers, but imagine that you worked with another terminal. What do you think how many phone numbers will be located near both ATMs at the time of the withdrawal?

Work in another city/state with dump + pin

Always remember that any dumps with pin will work better in your region. So if you have dumps + pins from a certain place - think about it, maybe it makes sense to go there.
How to find out where are the card from, you can from the information when buying dumps in our website.