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Google Play carding method

Hello everyone, in this subject I will tell you how I earn through Google Play carding method. This carding method is suitable for those who are engaged in virtual carding and buys CC. The topic is complex and I will immediately say that direct or indirect work with people is needed here. I am often asked how to earn money with the help of CC purchased in the CC shop online and therefore I wrote this guide.

So what you need for carding

1. Valid CC. You can buy CC in our CC shop online sailor209
2. Android Application Developer
3. A debit card with which you register on your drop
4. Time and patience, which is very important

8 steps how to card Google Play carding method

We will create an application in Google and buy it yourself.

1. Find an application developer, he will create you a game or the like of what I gave. I have always done either a simple game with a donat, or an application that sells pictures.
2. Find a drop and register a card on it in any bank.
3. Buy a developer account in google play $ 25
4. Download the application there and wait for the publication.
5. Make a purchase from any account in your application and Google will offer you to authorize payment information
6. Pass the verification, a letter will come to the address of the drop with a code and a link where to enter it
7. Next, start using the Android emulator to make purchases in your application.
8. Withdraw money (withdrawal 1 month) so you need cards with charge 1-2 months.

I remind you that this is a proven carding method that allows you to earn good money. You buy CC and you do not need to look for shops, and then sell the purchased goods.

Do not forget that Google may ask why 80% of cases, people refuse to purchase in your application and block the account. Therefore, register and verify a new account every 14th day. So that you do not have a failure in profit.

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How I do card Google Play

I always make applications myself, as I used to develop applications on Unit and this was my hobby which later came in handy. These were mostly applications for the sale of pictures. What I recommend to do to you. I myself created the application, I myself bought the CC in the online shop, I paid myself money.

It so happened that one of my friends knows thieves, crooks, and drug addicts. Through him, I suggest his friends to register a card on themselves, and when the letter comes from Google, give it to me. They for $ 100 kindly agreed. When I made the first purchase, I did the verification and sent the money.

I bought a developer account, downloaded the application there, set it up and published it. Then I bought Google accounts, tied to the device (which was the Nox emulator), tied the card, bought any application for $ 3-5 and waited 3-5 days. Then I went to my application and bought all the pictures there, which in the end was $ 370 with one CC, did everything intermittently. That is, I bought a picture for $ 10, I went to another emulator, I bought from it, I went out again and in a circle, I had a circle in 10-15 accounts. Accordingly, you need to prepare and buy  CC in advance in a trusted CC shop online.

After saving $ 2000-5000 (on each account), I put money on withdrawal, withdrawal takes 1 month to wait, so you need cards with a charge of 1 month. A month later, the money on the card, removed them, threw the card.

How to use Nox

In Nox for each account in the configuration, select a different device. Understand it. There you can make copies of emulators.

Take a break between purchases necessarily. So that I would not be idle, I made such accounts 10-15 and so far I’ll go through all 15 accounts and it will be time to buy from the first one. You need to buy several CC, for each account is different.

It is very hard and you get tired of it, but when you realize that you are earning $ 10 per minute, it becomes easier.