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DUMP SITE ss209.net answers frequently asked questions

Visitors to our Dump site are different people, from beginners to successful carders. Everyone wants some information. About CC shop, about the stuff, about the updates dump CVV or some general information. Here we will try to give answers to questions that are most often asked by our customers. If you did not find the answer to your question here, you can send a ticket in the chat of our shop dumps pnline and in a very short time you will receive an answer to it.

What's the difference between dump and CC?

CC is a credit card and the information that is directly on it. It can only be used for online shopping in various internet shops or for  for other virtual carding features.

4033650000405600|0923|817| James Mosdada |1840 Open Sands | 644-788-3442 |30632| Destin |FL|USA|

1. It`s number CC, it often composed of 16 numbers
2. Expiration date of card
3. CCV - protected code,consist of 3 numbers, sometimes of 4
4. First name and surname of cardholder
5. Adress of cardholder
6. Telefone number of cardholder
7. Zip-code of cardholder
8. Sity of cardholder
9. State of carddholder

Dump is information from a credit or debit card magnetic strip, track 2 or track 1+2. It is used for purchases through the payment terminal or POS (Point of sale).
Example of Dump :
4032803603372136=23111010000014600000 - is a second track, the most often dump for sold in this formate
403280 - bin, it`s shows which bank was create card, in which country, also its type  
2311 - Exp.date in format year/month
101- Code of card

Bro, how can I get my refund?

On dump site go to the ORDERS and there choose dump CVV that is returned, click on it, and then activate request for refund. The money will be credited to your account immediately upon approval of the administrator.

I'm looking for a specific bin, but it's not in the database.

If you looking for specific BIN it is not necessary to check every day dump CVV databases in our CC shop. Go in the section "Profile" there is a field "Preferred bins". Write there those bins that you need and as soon as they appear we'll tell you. In ss209.net  shop dumps pnline database updating daily.

How can I get a discount?

In our dump site maximum possible discount is 20%. For every $1000 deposited money, the client receives one point, which he can distribute at will. For each point you can get 1% discount for buying dump and CC or increase the time after which you can request a refund after the purchase of  Dump for half an hour. The maximum time after which you can request a refund is 12 hours. To do this, go to the section "PROFILE". After charging you a point to use it on the desired improvement for you. You cannot reuse a point. Make sure you make the right choice before saving your changes.

How to start buying Dumps CVV on ss209.net?

To start working with our dump CVV database you need to create wallets, you can do it in the "Billing" section. Our site is fully automatically service. We accept Bitcoins, Litecoins, BitcoinCash and Dash (BTC, LTC, BCH and DSH). You can use same wallet for BTC and BCH. Your funds will be loaded to your account within 1-24 hours (we wait till 6 confirmations). This is depend  how BTC, LTC, BCH, DSH networks works. You can not withdraw money from the CC shop ss209.net

I need CC no VBV

Carding method how to find bins no VBV. It is working for Visa card. Is necessary use USA ip adress. Go to the https://verified.visa.com
Message "We're Sorry. Your card is not eligible." mean that you found bin without VBV.
If you redirect to the page of the bank's website, then a card with VBV. See what information is needed to install or change the VBV code. Often enough standard card data DOB SSN. In ss209.net you can buy CC FULLZ with DOB SSN and set your VBV code.

We apologize for the reason that the developer has closed access to the resource. This carding method is currently not working.

What can I buy in shop dumps pnline ss209.net?

In our shop dumps pnline you can buy fresh and valid stuff for carding. We have quality Dumps CVV and Dump+PIN from USA, ASIA, EUROPE, INDIA, AUSTRALIA. Same you can buy  CC  FULLZ India, USA, Brazil, China, Fullz from other countries. All stuff is delivered by verified suppliers and is updated daily.  There are several million dumps CC CVV in our database.

What are the rules of your Dump site?

1. Deposits

First of all, you need to create wallets, in the "Billing" section. Our dumps site is fully automatically service. We accept Bitcoins, Litecoins, BitcoinCash and Dash (BTC, LTC, BCH and DSH). You can use same wallet for BTC and BCH in ss209 dump site. Money will be loaded to your account and you can buy dump and CVV. You can not withdraw money from the dump site.

2. Refund

ss209.net CC shop work on the system TYC (TRUST YOUR CLIENT). What does this mean? We Stop to check stuff on online checker and start refund at the request of the client, without even checking. We trust the customer more than checker.  If the product Dump or CC that the customer bought invalid or does not work, he will rightfully request a refund. The refund can not be more than income!! We haven't refund for refund!!!

3. Stuff

Our databases of dumps are updated daily. If you can't find the BINs you need, you can contact administrator through chat support and we will try to find your BINs. Dont use ICQ, Jabber, Wats Upp. We have Ticket System in our best shop dumps pnline to talk to you, its safe and secure, no reason to use something else.

4. Discount

Our system of discounts is cumulative and depends on the amount of funds contributed. For every $1000 of income, the customer can receives 1% discount forever. The maximum discount is 20%.

I want to buy CC with a high balance

Very often clients write to me that they want to buy CC FULLZ with a high balance. Or ask, if I buy CC, then what will be the balance on it. I want you to understand that no one knows what balance on the card, unless you are a cardholder or bank employee. Or do you really think that I personally deposit money on it. I can call to the cardholder and say something like this: hello now foreverbanz435 is buying your card, please make it so that it has a high balance. Therefore, a stuff is so cheap because the balance is unknown. Of course there are ways to find out, but what's the point if the balance can change at any moment. Proceeding from experience, the higher the level of the card, the greater the possibility that it will have a high balance. For example, an VISA INFINITE or PLATINUM often has more balance than a classic.

This CC shop is legit?

Go to our CC shop and see, there are more than 4 million dumps CVV and FULLZ. Millions of dollars invested in the product, a platform has been created. Created many jobs. We are interested in such cooperation, when a client works regularly. And this is impossible without an honest relationship built on trust.