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Choosing the type of bank cards for dumps cc

There are many types of bank cards, so when buying dumps cc or fullz you need to pay attention to it. Depending on the goals that are in front of us.

Credit cards provide financial freedom without which today can not do. It is a convenient tool for paying for purchases and services, giving additional financial independence in making decisions, as well as access to various benefits and services. That is, the Bank gives you a limit on the amount of credit you can pay for this or that service, which is very necessary for us!

Debit cards are a convenient tool for accessing a bank account where your money is kept. With a debit card, you can pay for goods and services, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs around the world. That is, we spend our own money in our bank account for the purchase of a particular service.

As you can see, when buying dumps cc credit cards are more favorable for us!

American exspress

And so we start with the American Exspress card types (the basis for dumps cc or fullz with which to work): the reputation of the American giant of financial transactions today is impeccable and carefully maintained at the highest level.

American Express focuses on the quality of services and services and builds its relationships with customers based on many years of experience and tradition. The company offers personal and corporate credit cards. Corporate Card Holders are employees of large global corporations. Personal cards are available in four types: Personal Card (the so-called "Green"), Gold Card, Platinum Card and Centurion Card (goes on increasing priorities) All of them differ only in class, because the traditional advantages rely on each AmEx client.

VISA cards

Visa presents a wide range of card types that you can use when working with dumps cc.

Visa Electron is the easiest type of card. It has no convex elements, which limits the possibility of using this type of cards in terminals based on taking an impression from a card (mechanical copying without connecting to the database). As a rule, minimum limits for operations and minimum guarantees are established.

Visa Virtual card - a card for making payments via the Internet. Sometimes "issued" without physical issuance of the card. In fact, this is the provision to the owner of only the card details (number, CVV2, date of action, etc.), which can be used to pay via the Internet. Emission card is cheaper, but security is reduced. Usually they are prepaid at the time of issue and do not provide for replenishment. They can be anonymous, which sometimes causes difficulties in processing in payment systems with mandatory verification of the name of the owner.

Visa Classic - a card with a standard set of functions. This includes payments in most outlets accepting cards, booking various goods and services on the Internet, insuring money in the account, etc.

Visa Gold - a card that has additional guarantees for the holder’s solvency, higher payment and credit limits compared to Classic, as well as a number of additional services, including express cash and emergency card replacement in case of loss or theft of a card away from the issuing bank , additional discounts and privileges in areas such as travel, car rental, purchase of exclusive goods and services. As a rule, together with the mandatory privileges from the payment system, the card issuing banks offer their own additional services for Gold cardholders and higher.

Visa Platinum is an elite card, which usually provides an opportunity for the holder to receive additional services, discounts, insurance in excess of the privileges for Gold card holders.

Visa Signature is a card product for particularly wealthy clients, the distinctive features of which are maximum purchasing power, increased limits for various groups of card transactions, exclusive leisure, shopping and travel services, as well as concierge service and special features on your personal page on the Internet .

Visa Infinite - is positioned as the most prestigious card for customers with the highest solvency. In some cases, the credit limit on such a card is unlimited.

Visa Black Card is an image elite product. The material for the manufacture is not ordinary plastic, but a patented special coal plastic. Positioned as a symbol of belonging of the holder to the top of society. Due to increased requirements, in the United States no more than 1% of residents can become owners of this card. The owner will be able to stay in the VIP lounges of international airports, use the services of a concierge service, provide travel insurance, cover damage in case of a car accident, and reimburse costs when canceling trips.

Visa Business Credit and Visa Business Debit are cards for representatives of legal entities intended for settlements in the interests of business. These cards are positioned as a product for a small business.

Visa Business Electron Card - cards are positioned by the payment system as a product for small businesses in countries with developing economies.

Visa Corporate - business segment cards designed for medium and large businesses.

Visa Fleet - business segment cards, focused on companies that use vehicles in their core business. This type of card helps companies track the operating costs of their fleet, as well as receive additional discounts on fuel and after-sales service.

Visa Debit - card for everyday expenses. Its peculiarity is that funds are withdrawn from the client’s deposit account, as if he were withdrawing cash from the account or writing checks to pay for purchased goods or services.

Visa Prepaid Card is a card whose balance is replenished when issued at a bank, and further operations are carried out within the limits of the available balance. A variation of this type of card is a gift card - Gift Card. A variety of this type of cards can also be considered Visa Instant Issue instant issuance cards - pre-personalized, but not personalized (without specifying the holder's name). A special feature of this type of card is the quick issuance of a card, usually within 15–20 minutes from the moment a client contacts the bank.

Visa TravelMoney is a card intended primarily for the safe transportation of funds, for example during a trip, being a more technological analogue of traveler’s checks. As a rule, only cash withdrawals at ATMs are possible with this type of card, but some banks also allow purchases using TravelMoney cards.

Visa Mini Card is a reduced-size card, often produced with a hole, implying use as a key fob and not only. It should be noted that the proximity to the metal keys is extremely undesirable and can adversely affect both the information recorded on the magnetic strip and lead to increased mechanical wear of the card. Due to the non-standard format, this type of cards cannot be used in ATMs, terminals with contact chips (the contactless protocol is supported - if the card is equipped with such a chip), it also fails to use the card in the imprinter. Thus, this product is only suitable for paying for purchases or receiving cash at points equipped with an electronic terminal capable of operating on a magnetic strip or a contactless chip. For this reason, this type of card is usually issued in conjunction with a standard-format card that has access to the same card account.

Visa Buxx - the target audience of this card is adolescents who do not yet have an independent income. Parents have the opportunity to transfer "non-cash pocket money" to the card and control the movements on the account.

Visa Horizon is a debit card that stores funds on the chip itself, pre-authorizing them from a bank account. When using it, there is no need to establish a real-time connection with the issuing bank to obtain authorization. All information about the available balance is on the card itself in the memory of the embedded chip and is available for reading by the terminal at the point of sale. The cardholder, if necessary, can replenish the balance on the card from his bank account either through an ATM or through one of the terminals in a distribution network or bank branches. Visa Horizon is ideal when there are problems with communication or there is none. Since there is no risk of insolvency or cost overruns for this product due to pre-authorization, Visa Horizon is ideally suited for issuing to customers who have no banking or credit history. Unlike a card with an electronic wallet, in which the balance on the card is prepaid and in case of loss of the card the client loses unspent funds from the card, Visa Horizon allows you to recover the funds remaining at the time of loss of the card in the client's account in the bank.

Visa Cash or, as it is also commonly called, “electronic wallet”, is a prepaid card and combines the convenience of payment cards with the security and functionality of an integrated chip. Visa Cash card allows you to easily and quickly pay small expenses, so it can mainly be used to purchase inexpensive items such as newspapers, movie tickets, to pay for short telephone calls, etc. The Visa Cash card can be either rechargeable or one-time . The decision on this is made by the issuing bank issuing the card and agreed with the client.

Visa Payroll is a common type of card that immediately upon purchase provides insurance for the personal property of a person purchased with the help of this Visa card. The total amount of insurance can not exceed 50 thousand dollars per person. At the moment, these cards are available only in the United States.

Visa Check, Visa Gold Check and Visa Business Check are cards created for cooperation with the airline miles accumulation programs. This mainly concerns the NWA WorldPerks system.

Visa Platinum Check is similar to the previous three cards, but cannot be combined with WorldPerks, although it provides more opportunities for holders than Visa Check or Visa Gold Check.

Visa Purchasing - the card has been offered by banks since 1994 and is intended for accounting of office expenses. The card can be used by both medium and large companies and is issued, as a rule, to people who are responsible for economic activities in these companies. Its use allows companies in both the private and public sectors to do without the process of processing small purchases of goods and services that requires a lot of work and papers. The card is directly intended for the purchase of goods and payment for services in the amount within 5 thousand US dollars. For these cards, banks are required to apply a special reporting form for invoicing. Thanks to this form, an enterprise can significantly save on administrative expenses related to the acquisition of goods, as well as obtain information, analysis of which can be used as a basis for negotiating with suppliers of goods and services regarding more favorable terms of cooperation.

Visa Commercial - creates a simple consolidation of expenditure data from all departments, divisions and subsidiaries of the company, which provides an integrated overview of all expenses for conducting events and procurement, as well as travel expenses.

Before you buy dumps CC or fullz Please note that not all types of cards are available in some countries or regions. This may be due to the peculiarities of the legislation of a country, as well as regional restrictions of the payment system itself.

Master card

Next, consider the type of card Master Card.

MasterCard Maestro is the most affordable bank cards due to its low cost and down payment. By acquiring it, you become the owner of a full international card, widely used in the world.

MasterCard Standard - the presence of such cards emphasizes that you are an accomplished person, successfully doing business. If you go abroad and have one of these cards with you, you will have no problems booking a hotel room or rent a car.

MasterCard Gold - these cards inspire greater respect for the owner of this card. They unequivocally say that his authority and weight in society is higher than usual, that a person has achieved serious results in his life. This gives the owner of "gold" cards the right to discounts when ordering expensive hotel rooms and shopping in prestigious stores.

MasterCard Platinum - special premium class bank cards. They give unlimited possibilities, complete freedom and exclusivity. The owner of the platinum card is provided with the status of VIP-person in any place, anywhere in the world. This guarantees both high-quality service and substantial discounts.

As you can see there are a huge number of types of cards. I hope this article will help you figure out what types of cards to use when working with dumps CC or Fullz .