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9 carding rules from dumps CC sites sailor209.net

Often the clients of our dumps CC sites share their experience, which is based on their mistakes and difficulties. We want to make business with us, you were successful and did not make such mistakes. And this is connected not only with buy dumps CC. And so 8 rules of carding from our dumps CC sites.

The first rule of carding

Do not overstate your expectations and do not get upset if it does not work out the way you expected. I understand, bro, you want to immediately make millions, but we do not have the money button. In the beginning, you will make many mistakes and not make as much money as you would like, but in time everything will come.
Learn correctly buy dumps CC, find out what works best for you.

Second carding rule

Do not associate your normal life and carding. Never do it. No need to use with one operating system in social networks and with it the same card, go to dumps CC sites. It is unacceptable.

The third rule of carding

It follows from the second - do not tell anyone from your environment about what you are doing. Even the closest friends and especially your girlfriends. It is not known what will happen tomorrow, and they can betray you in retaliation. Or even if everything goes well, they may randomly spill it out. Do you want this? I think no.

Fourth carding rule

Look for the latest methods for carding. They are hard to find in public, of course, but possible. In carding, information becomes outdated very quickly, methods of protection are constantly being improved, so you can not stand still. Constantly study the new information, do not waste time. All experienced users of our dumps CC sites think so.

More about carding method here.

The fifth rule of carding

If possible, find a mentor. Without it, you will merge a lot of money at the beginning. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own.

The sixth rule of carding

If you want to achieve success, do not make long breaks in work. Due to the fact that the information quickly becomes outdated, it is difficult to return to work after a long period of inactivity. Do not do this if there is no good reason.

The seventh rule of carding

Create a true legend, where did you get the money. Surrounding will ask you this question, and we must be ready. You can simply come up with a believable story. So you do not cause unnecessary suspicion.

Eighth rule of carding

Observe safety measures. Use the software for anonymity on the Internet. And when doing real carding, use high-quality plastic and special clothes that you don't wear anywhere else.

To know what software using click here.

Ninth rule of carding

Buy dumps CC only from trusted sellers. Every day we are written by people who have been deceived, mostly it happens in various chat rooms. First, they are asked to transfer money, and then stop responding to them. Be careful if you use dumps CC sites, then look at the quality of this resource. Immediately you can see the differences from a good site from the one that was bought for $ 20.

These are the 9 rules for carder. Follow them and you will succeed.