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How to card hotels with CC Fullz

Today we will talk about such a carding direction as booking and renting with CC Fullz. More specifically, hotels, apartments / villas, cars.
There are several ways to book hotels for other people's money:
Payment by authorization form
Payment with CC Fullz through agent 
Payment by rewards
Now let's talk in detail on each of these topics.

How to card hotels by authorization form

And so what is it all about? Download http://rghost.ru/6BsVFb7Jn and carefully look !!!
The authorization form is a questionnaire in which all the data of the payer, the period of residence and the card data specified by this form, the Cardholder confirms his consent to withdraw funds. Then the hotel employee enters the bank card data into the POS terminal and makes the payment.

Hotels carding step by step

Go to http://www.booking.com/
Choose a hotel, make a reservation on the one we will occupy.

You can do without booking.com and immediately call to hotel.  Call the hotel and appear as an agent request authorization form to pay for the reservation.
An approximate dialogue looks like this:
 - Hi, I'm from travel agency "XXXXX" we want to book a room for our client. Is it possible to pay through the authorization form?
 - Yes of course
 - Very well, send the form to travel@xxxxx.com

 Fill in the authorization form:
Credit Card Holder's Name we enter Cardholder or a fictitious name. Hotel Guest Name we enter the one whom we will occupy. Phones we specify Skype with an answering machine.
We make scan, there is an important nuance, it is better to draw not in the form of scans, but in the form of photos in hand. We send all this to the email indicated in the form, they are often asked to be faxed, then you need to call and ask for the email address.
We get a check to confirm the transaction. Without this check never place anyone !!!!

You must comply with the maximum limits on a single transaction.  Do not make more than $ 2–3k, since very often for large sums there is a limit on making payments.  What to do if the cost of reservation is 4k for 10 days?
We divide into two periods: the first for 2k 5 days and the second for 2k 5 days.
The scheme looks like this:
Go to http://www.booking.com/ make a reservation on the one who will live (you can do at least a month before settling). 2–3 days before check-in we call the hotel, we get an authorization form - we pay.

Settled. 1–2 days before the start of the second reservation we call from the same phone number to the hotel, we get an authorization form - we pay. The best CC Fullz to make a payment are: Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Germany.

To phone calls and making scans should be approached as seriously as possible !!! The quality should be high, there should be no doubt among the hotel employees !!!

How to card hotels with an agent

There are a great many agents of intermediaries between the hotel and the person who needs this hotel. The main difference here is that the agent has a merchant account to receive payment for the hotel.

Let's look at Expedia.com as an example.
We use dedicated server or SSH Tunnel, the selection of tunnels and dedics thing is very serious!!! The agents have a very tough antifraud, so we are doing everything as clearly as possible!!! Stuff is also selected carefully, zip of tunnel/dedic should coincide with the CC Fullz zip. If there is no CC Fullz for zip, then we do not take this SSH Tunel/dedicated server. Since even if the payment passes, the reservation will not give. And if it does, then it will be canceled, checked many times !!!
There is one more nuance that increases the chances. You can enter in the living Cardsholder, then he may simply not come, and even better to call the hotel on behalf of the agent through whom they made a reservation and ask them to change the Name and Surname of the Cardholder to the one we need.
You have to understand that Expedia.com is very popular, and it gives it very reluctantly, but there are a lot of agents and you just have to look.
I will say right away the search for an agent is expensive and time consuming, then you need to go systematically - try different CC Fullz, different schemes, and so on. Be sure to record all your actions during the tests, which would then be accurately understood how to card hotels. Accordingly, these experiments need to have available funds.

Brute rewards accounts

Reservation can be obtained using various loyalty programs. They are of two types:
1. Loyalty programs of banks issuers of CC, I think everyone knows about it. A cardholder with a card that pays for every dollar spent receives: miles / points / rewards for a virtual account. And they can spend hotels / air / auto or something else.
2. And the second type is the loyalty programs of hotel chains / major tour agencies / big stores, etc.
Of course, working with them is not so easy, and you need a lot of money for experiments, you need to be prepared for this.
Initially, information is collected about existing loyalty programs, then you need to write software for brute, find accounts and try to make a reservation. There are many nuances and each such program has its own characteristics. You can understand them only by trying.
You can also buy accounts, and sometimes sellers sell something, but more often than not they will not sell anything worthwhile. There are still options to combine, for example, take an account and link a new card to it, and pay for it.

How to card airbnb

There are sites for rental housing / yachts, etc. for example airbnb.com
Many are familiar with such services, those who do not know what it is, read Google. On such services you can rent apartments / villas / penthouses and so on. This type of carding is not new, but still works. The probability of failure here is less than in hotels, since the transfer of funds occurs at the time of settlement.

Briefly described, the scheme looks like this:
The landlord exposes his property for rent, declares the conditions, cost, and so on. Next is the verification of the landlord. After verification of his apartment / villa / house / townhouse appears on the site. The service itself has a percentage of each lessor. The tenant is also registered. Verification of SMS, social networks and so on is possible. When the account is verified, you can choose the property for rent, the date of the lease. Next comes the payment, enter the data CC Fullz. When the application is confirmed by the landlord - the funds are debited.
Further, the tenant and the landlord meet - the keys are transferred, settling takes place. Then the rental operation is confirmed from both sides and after that the money is transferred to the landlord. In terms of amounts, I too would not recommend paying more than 2k.
Let's talk about https://www.airbnb.com/ in more detail, let's look at how to make a self-registry on this service. What we need: Fullz + background report or scans + CC + google voice + email / facebook
Clicked sign up, then we have the choice of how to register, you can through facebook, Google Acc or simply via email. It is necessary to try here in different ways, I did through email and through Google’s profile, I didn’t test through facebook.
Then they confirmed the mail - by clicking on the link in the letter.
Then we go to the Edit Profile section, fill in all the data, if you log in via facebook or Google, it will pull in the data from there, be careful !!!
In order for the data to be correct, we add a phone, I used Google voice, we receive SMS and verify the phone number. Next, go to the Trust and Verification section and click Provide ID.
Next We need to do a virtual ID check - then click Verify Me
Next, we are offered two verification methods: 1st scan of passport and driver's license or through personal data, if you do not have scans, select the second.
Fill in all the data, then comes a few questions from the background. For example: which of these people do you know? - and a choice of 5 people
In which of these cities did you live? - and a choice of 5 places
What car did you drive in 2000? - and a choice of 5 cars.
If we confirm by drawing, then it is easier here - just attached the files and that's it. ATTENTION - drawing two way. Front and back side.
Next, go to Account settings and connect the card. Click Payment Method later Add Payment Method. If the card is added then everything is fine. Account must lie down for some time, and you can use it.

How to card rental cars

There are two options for booking cars
1. Payment in full through the agent (our option)
2. Payment of a part from a card is usually 30-50%, and the rest is through the cashier itself (this does not suit us)
Data entry CC standard to describe everything does not make sense.
And so the payment went well, and you go to get the car. Then you have to make a deposit for the car with your card which has your name !!! The card is used to block a certain amount as an insurance and after passing the car the amount is unfrozen after 3-5 days.
What you need to pay attention to:
Be sure to read the terms of service use. Make sure you pay 100% for the rent, and no surcharges are required !!!
Be sure to look at the minimum age of the driver, often they do not pay attention to this and simply do not give out the car!
We always have money to pay with if something goes wrong!

Mandatory rules when using carded hotels:

Before check-in, always call the hotel and confirm that the booking is ok !!
ALWAYS have money in cash, so that if you refuse, you could pay for everything !!!
Do not spend more money than it is !!!!
When paying with a form, always wait until you receive a “slip check”, because even during a call you can be told that everything is good, and after settling in, it turns out that there isn’t and you have to pay your money.
NEVER give your card, if they ask it for a deposit or something else, if they ask, leave cash !!!
PERIOD OF LIFE should not be more than 14 days, you should understand yourself - the less the better !!!
NEVER and to ANYONE to say where the booking comes from, etc., no one should know about carding !!!