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Secrets of Successful CVV Carding

You buy CC for carding and the online store refuses to send goods, probably a familiar situation for everyone. Let's talk about the secrets of successful CVV carding. Next, we consider various situations and methods for solving it. This guide should not be a call to action for you, but an understanding of how and why to communicate with the store.

How news can help for CVV carding

Have you heard of fires in Canada? I think everyone is watching the news. Who understood what I mean? We buy CVV for that city, the state where the fire is and on the way ... to put pressure on pity, an iMac is urgently needed, my burned out ... This is a great option for preparing a shop.
Probably one of the best, we find Canadian shops, the principle of work in Canada is the same as in the USA. Those who listen attentively the news called the city of which completely evacuate people. We buy CVV of these cities or generally we look at the epicenter of the fire and look for the nearest cities.
We find Canadian shops + Canadian intermediaries. We write shop in livechat that we were in a difficult situation and we had to evacuate. But there is nothing with you. And you need to buy at least a mobile phone in order to keep in touch with the outside world.
We prepare this way and order for different billing shipping address. The likelihood that you will be sent an order increases many times. + excuse you in case you are asked to call. And if the shop starts to refuse you, then you can just start to accuse them based on the situation.
Therefore, I always advise to watch the news. Because here on such incidents you can play perfectly. So come to this creatively. In the US, constantly tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc. etc.! You need to quickly take note of this and pull out the maximum. Thus news can help us for CVV carding.

One more example Secrets of Successful CVV Carding. Earlier this year, there was heavy snow in Colorado. And when I called to the shop I said that we had a very cold home and I flew away to relatives who live in Florida. But this was not enough for the shop and the shop began to refuse me. They say we can not send to a different billing shipping address. A shop policy prohibits the first order from being sent to a different billing shipping. Then I buy CVV and book a ticket for an expedia from Colorado to Florida. I save the voucher, edit it in my notebook, change the dates and send it to the online shop. This convinced them and they gladly sent me a pack. In this 1000 times apologizing for unfounded suspicions. And again, the news helps for CVV Carding.

How to buy Gift card

Let's talk about GIFT. And then about the more serious. When you buy CVV Gift card, try to write a good letter to the person to whom you are making this Gift. Write a big beautiful text with congratulations and send it. And do not write something like "Happy Birthday."
But at the same time, the letter must be written correctly so as not to attract too much attention to itself. Who had the situation when the shop asked you why you send to a different billing shipping address? This is a standard shop question.
I will give a vivid example of how to do NOT WORTH. As a rule, each carder says departure / gift, etc. etc. Try to be more original. The last time I received such a letter from the online shop is very hard to break through and very hard to send. I buy CVV NY. Again, in order to avoid fraud, they asked why I send to a different billing shipping address. To which I replied: "Found a bunch of termites and beetles at home and now while they are being poisoned, I live with a friend." In NY, this is a fairly common problem. They have a bunch of termites. I send and to drop and to intermediary. This works equally well in all cases.

Communication in CVV carding

Just another interesting example of Secrets of Successful CVV Carding. I ordered a certain illiquid technique for a drop. The shop was Canadian. I ordered for $ 2k. without preparation, they sent. Then I ordered again .. again they sent me. And when I already ordered the third time ... I wrote to the shopkeeper. He says, "dear swindler, we will not send you nothing to communicate with your chargebacks" and wished a pleasant day. And then I began to portray a surprised client asking how and why ... He said that the payment was withdrawn by the bank. I replied that I would call and figure it out ... Then again, I wrote back to him that the bank had withdrawn all my payments due to a strong credit delay. And I said that I was ready to pay him the charge from debit card and immediately make another order for $ 2k. The Canadian was greatly delighted and sent me an authorization form, which I successfully paid for with Canadian Infinity. Pak sent the next day. I still sit and wait ... A moment when he writes to me that I am S.O.B.

Develop the ability to talk on the phone. Just call and talk to shops. And in a month you will be able to stably make an order on the phone yourself without any extra delays! The first time I called the knees trembled. And now I do it without any problems.
I will give a few subtleties on the order of ringing.
I do not like to make calls. But sometimes when I can’t prepare a shop, I’m calling.
Suppose a large online shop with a watches. Before I called there, I found one American online TV channel and turned it on in the background. Just to have a TV background in the house. The watches I wanted cost around $ 1500. I saw reviews on their website. I remembered the name of the person who left the review. Let it be Frances Toone.
I called and said hello. I was advised to contact you by Frances Toone. I saw his watch they are stunned. And I begin to bring the consultant to the watch that I need. Calling the right criteria. For example, that the watch was such a color, large size. She calls me one model. Then another. And then the following called mine. Well, then everything is according to the standard. Billing address. Card number, etc.
Most carders make their purchases quietly. Buy CVV on CC site, get a refusal , and again repeated according to the same scheme. When you communicate with the online store, you are less suspected. And the more confident you do it the better for you. We hope these secrets of successful CVV carding will help you in your work.