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Сarding android tutorial 2019

Well, we are starting the tutorial on setting up an Android for carding. Customize android can each person, and at the moment it is one of the necessary tools for our work. Now I will list a few basic programs for working with android and begin to analyze them in each detail.
Kingo root
Xposed installer
Device id changer Pro
Proxy droid
DNS forwarder
Root cloak
Location cheater
In order to start setting up an android, you need to get root rights, I always do it through Kingo root, download the apk file and run it, the simplest and most effective method of obtaining root rights.
The basis of the basics for carding with the android is the Xposed framework, we set the Xposed installer after we got root, and through it we set the framework. I will say right away, here we will face the difficulty of installing the framework, we need an Android on version 4. 4. 4 (it’s easiest to install this program) on the versions above, this is extremely problematic, but if you can install custom recovery and flash archives, you can to try. For the rest, I advise anyone who has the firmware above, roll back the Android by 4. 4. 4 or take it to a service center and they will flash it for you, it doesn't cost much.
Plus at 4. 4. 4 xposed is more stable, even on lolipop there are bugs and so on.
After we installed the Xposed framework install the following programs
Device id changer Pro iman Pro
Proxy droid
DNS forwarder
Location cheater
these programs are all downloaded in the play market
Root cloak
We download these programs in the Xposed installer, go to the download section and look for and install them there in the search.
Well, and important things, apkpure.com immediately add this site to your bookmarks, and it is advisable to download sim card from the playlist (green sim icon)
I will run through the programs and tell you what they are for.
Xposed basis, without it, work on android is meaningless, since vital programs will not work.
Device id changer Pro changes the hardware of your phone so that your phone looks unique every time.
Proxy Droid through it we set socks
DNS Forwarder, since many people do not have the correct proxy droid dns, then we replace dns via this program
Ccleaner I would say mast have for carding, everything and everything should be clear.
Location cheater is probably the best application for replacing geolocation (there are xposed alternatives, but I settled on it)
Root cloak is a very important program, especially when working with bills or banks, it hides from the application that the device has root rights. At the moment, it is almost always necessary to hide the rights from root applications.
Xprivacy This is a program that replaces a sim card and not only, it either allows or forbids all applications to see certain information. In addition to it, I advised the Sim card, on it you can hone what to prohibit, and what to allow applications to see so that they display the correct information about the devices.
When you have installed all the above programs, you need to go to the Xposed installer, the modules section and tick all modules (device id ch / root cloak / xprivacy)
Then go to the framework section and press the quick reboot so that the modules are installed if the modules do not work correctly.  At this stage, our android itself is almost ready to work.
Now I’ll tell you a little about the Xprivacy module, a very useful thing when you work with shops, banks, etc., I personally use it to replace a SIM card, in fact it has more features. We go into it and go to the parameters section, touch only those values ​​that are associated with the sim card (Phone number,  MCC, MNC,  country code,  operator,  ICC ID,  Subscription id)
Let's take as a basis the number 4356682649, if someone adjusts to the holder and he needs to identify the operator, go here http://www.whitepages.com

What is the MCC with this can be found here, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_country_code, from the same page you can take a value for our parameter in the program. MNC is the operator code, see the code of the desired operator (country). The country and the operator are all clear.
Now what is the ICC ID and subscription ID, and how to register it   ICC ID is the serial number of the sim card, which always consists of 19 digits.

Now we look, the first two digits of 89 are always put on the default, this refers to the industry, its indicator. Then what is highlighted is the country code, which is 1 to 3 digits long

In the USA it is 01, in other countries the values differ. So since we adjust to the United States, the first 4 digits will always be 8901 in the ICC ID value, and the remaining 15 digits can be written randomly. Subscription ID (in xprivacy) In general, this is called sim imsi. How to register it, look at the picture

it always consists of 15 digits. We first write the MCC value, then the MNC, then write the rest of the numbers randomly, so that the result is 15 characters in this field.
How to make the data replaced when you install a new application, xprivacy throws a notification, and the data that needs to be changed, click on the button to deny (deny). And here is a sim card application that helps you figure out which values ​​to replace.

Now I will describe how the process of carding with android.

Personally, I mostly work only with applications, I don’t like to use the browser.  And so, I will describe the example of the United States. Install Socks in the proxy droid. We register the address, port and do not forget to specify the type of proxy. We go to the Whoer, we look at what time zone, then in the settings we change the language and time zone. Go to the DNS forwarder select the DNS server and turn it on. Then in the Location cheater, I usually set the coordinates there a couple of meters from the house of the holder. We go again to the Whoer, and we see that everything was fine.
If Socks flew off, turn off the proxy droid, DNS forwarder, and cheater, and re-enable them, this does not happen on all devices, but personally I’ve got everything to work fine, turn on and off these programs a couple of times, annoying, but what can you do.
To check Location cheater work or not, download the Google Map and look at it (press the button my location).  If everything works, then we download the necessary application, we work.
After work, to start the next time you need to go to the device id changer, in the first device id section, click random all and apply, then go to the Xposed installer section of the framework, and click fast reboot to change the hardware.
Forgot to tell you about Root cloack. How to download the desired application go to Root cloack go to the first section (add / remove the application), click on the plus sign, and look for our application, then to save the settings go Xposed installer, the framework section, and click fast reboot. After that, even if you delete this application, Root cloack will remember it and you do not need to do this each time.
And so actually, we learned to substitute data, hardware, and so on. Now re-install the application and do carding through the android. Do not forget to change the parameters in xprivacy if necessary. That is, how to finish the work, delete the application, change the data, reboot the device, simply install the application again.
Now let's get to work through the browser. Mostly used Mozilla. In the cases of working with the browser, it is not necessary to change the hardware every time, but it is advisable to reinstall the browser and clean all the files it saves. Setting up the browser is about the same as working with applications, the only difference is that the browser hides more information.