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Analysis of merchant accounts and their features

What is the terrible word "MERCH"? - The merchant account is an electronic aggregator for processing incoming payments, in other words, this is the program that directly accepts payments through the site. There are a lot of merch, both large and self-written.
What do we need it for? It is the merchant account that blocks or allows our transactions, requests VBV, accepts or does not accept cards of certain countries. When we searching for cardable sites, it is also necessary to find out with which merch a shop is running.
To determine merch, I most often use the site http://builtwith.com/, enter the shop's address in the search box, and give us all the information on the shop, in the E-commerce section, we will need the merch. Sometimes merchant account is not shown, then you have to look out for redirects in the browser or act at random, this also happens.

 A list of merchant accounts that are often found on USA cardable sites

Shopify - every month tightens the screws tighter and tighter. Detects dedicated servers and other ip replacements. Defines billing. He doesn’t even bother himself with letters about order cancellation and letters about possible fraud on your part. The solution is either to look for innovations in the system settings, or the most fresh shops that are not scared while the checkbox is a possible fraud.

WooCommerce is quite an interesting merch. I met not so often, in complexity it all depends on the shop. That is, at what level of security is the merchant account set up. Some shops are shipped in tons, some of which do not pull out the dollar.

BigCommerce - in principle, everything is the same as above.

Magento and its derivatives. My most favorite merch. Easy to work and not particularly capricious.

Shoprunner - it’s the merch / engine of many mono-brand shops. Easy enough to work with it.

List of euro merchant accounts

SagePay - always VBV, depending on the shop accept different types of cards. Important - there is no safekey for amex. USA CC and UK CC is also possible, but not all. It is important - if the payment has passed, the shop will send 99%. As for flight tickets, the same principle.

CartaSi - always VBV, almost does not take no EU CC. Safekey almost always.

BancaSella - one of the wonderful merch vbv. Accepts USA CC and UK CC. There is a miracle and VBV is not. 100% dispatch of goods if the transaction has passed.

Adyen is also a great merch, accepts the CC of all countries, there is no safekey, dyscover is in most shops, and this is a true bypass of VBV. Even with a successful transaction, the shop can find fault.

Bucharoo is a nasty Dutch merch. And safekey and only EU CC.

Wirecard - there is no safekey like Amex, practically stopped accepting something other than EU CC. It happens without VBV.

Erstes - the same Wirecard.

SaferPay - there is a safekey, only EU CC. It happens without VBV.

Nochex, Datacash, Ingenico e-commerce (not to be confused with the usual Ingenico) - always VBV.
If I write that CC EU, I mean shipping and billing address EU. I never write different billing shipping in vbv shops.

Non VBV merchant accounts

PayPal and all his brothers - it's clear, I do not consider.

Net-a-porter - all mono-brands of Europe, Yoks. Rarely is VBV. Accepts everything, but if not Europe, then order deletion will certainly follow. The purchase amount is blocked and the final write-off occurs at the time of sending the goods. Therefore, it is imperative that the card survived to this point. This is a maximum of 2 to 3 days.

Zerogrey - used to take everything now has become more capricious, mainly EU CC. 99% chance that the first order will need to draw. If done well (photo and not scan), then success is guaranteed. I advise you to always make an account in the shop, if the card survives after the first dispatch - squeeze the maximum out of it.

Stripe - USA CC does not like, eat exotic.

Skrill - only EU CC, billing does not determine.

Qenta - EU CC or exotic. Rarely is VBV.

Computop - anything, extremely rarely VBV.

Dibs payment, QuickPay, Commdoo, klik & pay, heidelpay - anything.

Nitrosell - everything is more capricious and capricious, more accept EU CC.

Alpesite - silly merchant account, it's a shop. All accepts, from dead cards sends. But nothing special to take. Sometimes after ordering a full ignore, but the pack comes.
Sella - not to be confused with sella bank, only EU CC, rarely found in shops.