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How to card air tickets

In this guide, let's talk, perhaps, about one of the most profitable topics in carding - how to card air tickets. First, I will tell you about the different options for carding air tickets, then we will talk about the security of this entire event. So, what are the options: AGENTS, FORM, REWARDS, BY ACCOUNT. Now in order.

How to card air tickets by agent

An agent is an intermediary, for example, bravofly.com, between a huge number of airlines and a passenger, and the agent is paid. This option is safe for someone who flies, because if they refuse, all questions to the intermediary who sold the ticket. Most often, agents are sites with merchant accounts with payment with VBV.

That is, we have here three options to buy CVV:

1. CC + VBV = reservation holds best. Euro merchant accounts CC USA + VBV earlier accepted normally - now accept not very willingly.
2. CC no VBV Bins here refusal at any time, very dependent on the CC country from the merchant account itself and from a lot more.
3. CC amex - CC amex themselves do not have VBV as such, and some time ago there were merchants who took amex, and if they used amex from Australia or New Zealand they gave it. Now this method is less effective, since everyone understood and strengthened fraud.
Also, there are still merchants no VBV, but there are very few of them and they are very tough.

 Some tips for air ticket carding

If you decide to try yourself in this field - make sure that you even know how to card, with no experience with stuff, gifts, etc., you don’t need to start at all, because you need experience in understanding how the antifraud works and in setting up the machine under carding and in making scans and in calls.
Do not start the search for air merchant accounts without good capital - which you can safely lose.
Learn how to work systematically. That is, when you find a certain merchant that you think should give, you must develop a system for testing it.
Need to try different stuff (CC CVV FULLZ).
Need to test different directions. Different dates of booking. Different amounts of tickets purchased.
Before you fly yourself or send customers, you must be 100% convinced that your method is reliable !!!
Today, the topic of air ticket carding is badly beaten, and even CC with VBV does not give any guarantees of success. Depending on the airline and the directions from passengers, you can request a scan of CC at the counter, for example, you should know all the details in advance.
Very often the payment goes well, the tickets are given but the refusal occurs, more often it is an additional payment check or something else. Here it is necessary to ring out and understand the reasons for the refusal, so that further work is more productive.

Working with CC in more detail:

We set up the virtual machine, everything should be perfect, after work we do the cleaning, if we use the Anti-Detector, then we clean it.
We buy Socks5 or SSH tunnel, it is important that it is fast and clean, we select as close as possible to the cardholders IP. Data on Cardholders IP can be obtained in CVV shop.
We go to the site of the agent, we choose the ticket we pay.
On the example of Germany CC I will describe in more detail:
CC CLASSIC (these are classic bins), the price in our CVV shop is $ 15 to $ 50, they work on average for 750 euro
CC HIGH (these are bins from premium to corporate), the price of such CC is up to $ 50. They work up to 1500 euros
CC BUISNESS (business and corporate business card bins, etc.), the price in our CVV shop is $ 50. Work up to 1300-1500 euros
We never buy CC - SPARKASSEN (name of the bank), first of all small balances, secondly a powerful antifraud system.
Naturally, if the card is not valid, then a refund is made. Replacing CC, many Sellers do strictly when providing video. In our CVV shop the refund is made on the basis of the client's request.

How to card air tickets  through the form of payment

It's all the same as with hotels (How to card hoteles you can read here). Just call the agent, invent a story why we can not pay via the Internet, request the form, make a scan, call and make a ticket. I will say right away, very few agents are now accepting payment in the form, and, of course, it is not interesting to make tickets for small amounts here because the cost price is high.

How to card air tickets  by rewards

This is the same as for hotels. I will note an important thing - most often loyalty programs just allow you to book hotels / air / auto that is everything for the tourist. It remains quite a bit - to find. Miles from airline companies is also a very working topic, although for large airline companies everything is already difficult due to the intensive activity of carders. Here I want to point out an important nuance when we pay for the ticket with miles - we often need to pay taxes and fees in cash, then we use CC, but we also need to find CC so that the charge will be as long as possible. The amount of taxes and surcharges are usually not much 20-100 bucks per passenger.

We can receive accounts in the following ways:

Bruteforce - Buy from logs - Buy in shop accounts
Direct carding of the account, most often, you can issue tickets without any problems, there are no VBV, and the protection is not so strong, all this because an account can always take money from you through the court. Carding is directly a criminal matter and is very dangerous, there are a lot of cases when an account is credited with all the money, so I do not advise doing this.

Safety for air ticket carding

Use the services of a proven CVV shop
ALWAYS have money to pay for the ticket in cash !!!!
Never tell anyone about the origin of the tickets.
NEVER have electronic traces with you on the phone's laptops, etc., always encrypt everything !!!
No need to jump above your head !!! That is, if you do not have a cache just in case, then you do not need to buy tickets for a business class.
If you open the service:
Make sure your circuit works 100%
Do not work without payment
Do not take orders that can not fulfill
Never work with your account directly
Always agree on everything before the process begins.